Bypassing Wall Street: The Direct Route to Raising and Investing Money




We don’t need Wall Street anymore.  It’s killing us to let Wall Street keep going the way it is.  Our governments won’t help us—Wall Street dominates them.  But there is a way around Wall Street.  Direct routes are open for individuals and businesses to bypass Wall Street. 


Wall Street is not going to change.  Government is not going to regulate Wall Street in the public interest.  To escape the harm of Wall Street we need to ignore it.


I’ve spent 50 years working as a securities lawyer and certified public accountant.  From my front row seat, I’ve come to believe that the only way to get out of our economic mess—and to prevent it happening again—is to bypass Wall Street and take the direct route to raising and investing money.  The information and opinions I’ve put together are on this website.  These are the major themes developed:


Wall Street does very little to raise money for businesses.  It has become a casino, placing bets for its own account and taking fees on bets for institutional funds and the very wealthy. 


Wall Street is not open to investing money for the middle class, except through its managed funds, and it is closed to raising money for all but the biggest businesses.


Wall Street is doing great harm to our economy and our way of life, while its

traffic cops run a protection racket for Wall Street abuses.


Direct routes are open for money to flow between individuals and businesses, bypassing Wall Street.


There are steps government could take to help us bypass Wall Street.


I believe this website is the most effective medium to give you facts and arguments for bypassing Wall Street.  It's a "living book" and I’ll be able to update it as events unfold.  You can email me with your suggestions for additions or revisions.  (


The website’s references to sources are in brackets, right in the text, rather than as footnotes.  You can easily skip over them.  Or you can read them and click on many of the blue highlighted website references.  I’ve included a few personal experiences for flavor.  They’re in parenthesis. 


You are free to refer to or quote anything on the site, with attribution.  



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